My name is Connor, I’m  21 years old and I’m from South London where I’ve lived all my life.

I have always enjoyed creative writing, until now I’ve mostly kept my work to myself, but I hope that sharing some of the things I write might be a good step to improving my skills as a writer and a storyteller, and that I might develop an audience who actually want to read the things I write.

Aside from writing, I’m also a musician (or so I tell people) I love listening to, playing and writing music of all types, but my primary taste is heavy metal, which inspires my writing to no end (or the other way round, my inspiration can find no end in heavy metal)

I mostly like to write Horror and Science Fiction, but my literary adventures take me through most genres in the process.

I’d like to go on about my literary influences and what authors I like, but that would essentially mean breaking down every book I’ve ever read, discussing my taste for the written word and coming around to the point that I’m too into Stephen King.

Comments are always welcome, even the mean ones, but, try to avoid leaving the mean comments if you don’t intend on reading the replies, that’s weak bro.




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