Tea – 100 Words

The Russian steamer cut through black waters in nautical solitude, under the pearl in the night sky, shrouded in silver-lined cotton. The hard angles of the iron hulk stood stalwart against the crash and foam of errant waves. Below deck, Konrad lay in his cot, swaddled in blankets like a sick child. He was discovering […]

Exposed (100 Word Story)

The lizard king lounged on his throne, the gargantuan structure hewn from stone and gilt in bronze, danced over by the shamans as it was smelting, so to be wrought with arcane and mystic properties. From the height of his temple abode, he surveyed his illustrious domain. His head lolling this way and that, his […]

Spike (100 Word Story)

He lurked in the shadows. Hanging around the dim passages and corners, avoiding the pulsing lights of the dancefloor as if they might light him up entirely, from the inside out, so not only might his face be seen and recognised, but his motive also. Safety was in being unseen. He observed. Evaluating the opportunities, […]

Opaque (100 Word Story)

Suddenly, he awoke. A naked lightbulb swung in careless loops, making the room spin. The man with the hard face entered, followed by his shadowy phalanx of men in suits and dark glasses. ‘Had a nice sleep?’ he jeered The prisoner had been kept awake for the last 48 hours, it had been hoped that […]

Champion (100 Word Story)

He has returned. Though the light of his youth is dying, and he walks on through mortal dusk, the course of this man’s path remains unaltered. Twitching rows of milquetoast sycophants, with false eyes upturned and obscured grimaces set on their stone visages cry out “O we have heralded his return, and he is come!” […]

Acceptance (100 Word Story)

The night stretched, hours washed thin started to re-solidify and form up again. Dan felt his drunkenness ebb, leaving the shore of his soul feel bare and exposed, so he decided to chase the retreating tide. He squinted his eyes to read the glowing face of his watch and raced the calculations through his mind, […]

Minimal (100 Word Story)

Through cluttered alleys, passing brick apartments belching ghostly deluges of steam high above, Dan staggered towards home, hands locked into coat pockets. With inebriation overcoming civil sensibility he began venting grievances that were burning inside. “frigid BITCH” he squalled painfully as he brought a scuffed boot violently to a discarded box among the litter. “A […]