Exposed (100 Word Story)

The lizard king lounged on his throne, the gargantuan structure hewn from stone and gilt in bronze, danced over by the shamans as it was smelting, so to be wrought with arcane and mystic properties. From the height of his temple abode, he surveyed his illustrious domain. His head lolling this way and that, his […]


Martin lay awake wild-eyed, having barely slept; the hot air was stiflingly thick but it was that noise which kept him awake. He snatched out of bed in only his underpants, stamping downstairs. The plumber was due tomorrow, but he would investigate anyway. Opening the basement door he reeled from the faecal stink of ruptured […]


The scalpel glinted under the harsh glare of the surgical lamp. Deep red beads of blood trickled and dropped from the operating table, bursting on the pristine white floor tiles. Saline solution prepared, the surgeon began to wash the wounds. The anesthetic begun to wear off and the patient slowly awoke, edging towards consciousness, from […]

The Gatherers

Mary stepped out of her bungalow briskly, wrapped up warmly against the biting November cold. She tottered down her neat garden path and through the squeaky iron gate, painted white although flaking. Behind her all the while she towed her little tartan cart, the upright rectangular shopping trolley that she took everywhere, small plastic wheels […]

Daily Prompt: Original(100WordStory)

Stepping off the platform, he was asked his name; “Isaac” he answered. Slowly he scanned his surroundings. “Where would you like to go Isaac?” In silence he cogitated, searching for a decision. “I don’t know, you will have to show me some new places” They agreed, jotting on their clipboards, expressing pleased satisfaction. He was […]