Exposed (100 Word Story)

The lizard king lounged on his throne, the gargantuan structure hewn from stone and gilt in bronze, danced over by the shamans as it was smelting, so to be wrought with arcane and mystic properties. From the height of his temple abode, he surveyed his illustrious domain. His head lolling this way and that, his […]


With an air of indefatigable command, Mr. Collins strode into the office without announcing himself to the receptionist, who knew better than to call him back. “Is it sorted?” he asked, bursting through the backroom door. His solicitor looked up from behind his desk with fearful surprise “Michael…” he stammered. “Is it sorted?” Michael repeated […]


A lonely trail of smoke from a single cigarette snakes and spirals through the room, catching the glare from the green-shaded table lamp that watches over the documents scattered across the top of the grand oak desk, before disappearing out of focus into the shadows that dressed the office. “Same arrangement as usual?” Asks the […]


The judge sighed heavily, crossing his thick fingers together as his hands rested upon his chest. He surveyed the room with eyes set in drooping lids, barely listening to the entreaties put to him by the young man in the dark suit. In truth, he had decided already the conclusion he would accord, and as […]


“So tell me, I’ve been dying to know” began the fat man “How’s your little project doing?” “The girl?” Asked Dr Halsom innocently, he stirred his tea and played the little spoon against the china “She’s coming along quite well, progress is slow going, but so far it’s making for very interesting observation” His companion […]


He probed gently, the smooth caress of his voice so close wrapped her in a warm and silken feeling of ease at once. “What do you see?” He asked holding up the blot tests, disfigured splotches of dark ink loomed just in front of her. She saw a mouth, a terrible devouring maw that threatened […]